It’s Februrary and I’m not cycling yet

I have not been on my bike since 17 October 2013. This time last year, I had already started to cycle again in the February. The reasons for this are:

  1. This month has simply been too windy, unlike last year. I work almost twice the distance from home as I did last year.
  2. Using a mountain-bike on main roads does not feel safe. If cycling into work is to be an option then I need to find a suitable route.
  3. I have lost enough weight already.
  4. I probably get enough exercise with the four miles walking everyday.

I have been intent on visiting these so-called Roman Lakes for a while. I am aware that these lakes are not genuinely Roman. However, aspects of the area date back to 17th century… Now that I have the day off, I could get the chance to ride up there. I also need to focus on birthdays for next month. I have been up since 3am looking at options. I noticed that Amazon Local is pretty good, for female presents. It’s a shame that the offers were not more family focused. I would like to take my child on holiday too but the offers do not extend that far.

We just had a great walk through Woodbank Park, Stockport. The smell of the wild garlic is wholly amazing and refreshing.

I’ve met people who I wish would try this product - hyperhidrosis is commonplace.

For the last two weeks, I have wanted to participate in the park run. Last week, I needed to take my bike in for repair. This week I needed to take my son for his speech examination. It’s important these days to have a drama backing.

Replaced Rear Hub

With my bike out of action for some of this month, it looks like I’m not going to beat my record for most miles in a month… I was so shocked at the price and the work that needed doing on my bike that I forgot to even log on journey. £92 is quite a sum but I had the whole rear hub replaced on my bike.

After walk over two miles with my bike and Alex, I arrived at the shop. Parts on my bike need replacing and ordering. It’s look like Thursday before I get the bike back. The estimated cost is around £70. I’ll be pleased to be back on the road, as well as riding in the woods.

My Voodoo is out of action

My mountain bike is out of action. Despite implementing suggestions on how to fix it, it is still broken. Tomorrow, I intend to take it to a bike shop to get it fixed. The two mile walk might improve my fitness.